Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Like Brother, like Sister

Blue eyes, red hair and red lips.  Doesn't get cuter than that!
Thank heaven for toys that make the crinkly sound.  They're the only ones that keep her attention for longer than 30 seconds.  Violette is like Henry in so many ways, which scares me to death thinking about her as a toddler, not that anything could be worse than Bea right now.  I just remember how hard Henry was too.  Anyway, Henry wasn't that into toys and neither is Violette.  Bea and Clementine would sit and play for long periods of time but Violette likes to be interacted with and held and looked at by people.  She loves to laugh at the kids and it's a good thing I have so many kids who love her because she gets entertained almost all day long.  Even though she gets bored quickly with toys, she doesn't complain too loudly and if she's cranky, she usually just whimpers until I can come get her. 

My three girls! I'm the luckiest mom in the world.
 Violette is growing well now and has a fair amount of chub on her tiny little body.  She's still really short, fitting in her 0-3 month clothes still but her head and weight are back where they should be.  Henry was also pretty small until he was about 9 months, got chubby and then around 18 months started to get really tall.  Hopefully she'll be the same. 
Bea loves her baby sister

She is sleeping in my bed with me, which is different than all my other babies.  It's just more convenient when she wakes up at night, plus Justin has decided to sleep in the guest room until next month when she'll be forced to sleep through the night by none other than mean mommy.  The day you turn 5 months old, I'm not coming in anymore.  Sorry baby doll.  That's the way it goes.  That's the day Daddy moves back in!  Back to the sleep issue though.  So, I never snuggle with her when I'm sleeping or anything so is that still called co-sleeping? I never got into that, but maybe I'm doing it now.  I really don't know. 

She's not sitting up yet, or anywhere close to that, and she's not rolling over and hates to be on her stomach, so no serious progress yet.  She's just smiling and laughing up a storm.  We love our little redhead.