Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bawl and Crawl

Have I taken a photo of any of my kids lately where they don't have something on their faces? It's impossible!

Violette is exactly 8 months old today and she's just starting to crawl. As she struggles to move around the floor, searching for food scraps left behind by Henry and Bea, she breathes very heavily and moans and groans at the difficulty of movement.  I know she'll be happier once she gets moving, but for now, she goes backwards more than forwards and she doesn't like being on her stomach.  In the past week, however, she's become a pro at rolling over and pushing herself up to a sit from her stomach.  Pretty soon she'll be totally mobile! It's been so easy having an immobile baby, especially during this time we have been moving into our new house and I'm dreading having to control two babies who have no concept of danger, but it had to happen some time! She is so happy though and just like all my babies, I don't think she would ever cry if she didn't have siblings fighting over her all the time.  All the kids just adore her.  Tonight Bea played mommy and I watched her put on an apron, cook dinner for Vivi, then make a bed for her on the floor with blankets and tuck her into bed.  Bea will be a great mother someday, just like her clone who is Justin's sister, Stefanie who is also pregnant with baby #5(I'm praying for a girl!).

Violette is also loving food! I didn't feed her until she was 7 months old because I was crazy with the move and all I could do was stick a bottle into her mouth, but she is loving the oatmeal cereal, which none of my other kids liked at all.  She doesn't really love it when I mash up what we're eating yet, although I'm trying to get in as much Italian food as I can because I know that's what she'll be eating the entire month of August,  She gets a few tastes in every day and then refuses it, but we'll just keep trying until she loves it. We love you Vivi Lu!