Monday, January 7, 2013

Vivi's shoes

Violette getting into a cupboard while wearing Justin's running shoes
 Every morning Violette protests as I change her diaper, put on a new shirt, pants, and do her hair, but when it's time to put socks and shoes on, she's all attention.While I put her socks and shoes on, she sits very still and holds each foot out until I've finished.  Vivi has a fetish with shoes more than any of my other girls.  She will find any pair of shoes and put them on and walk around for as long as she can until someone takes them away.  She is so confident in her walking ability that she even takes my step father's shoes, that are probably a size 15, and slowly tromps around their apartment.  She tried to take Justin's giant clogs that probably weigh 5 lbs each and inched along all through the kitchen.  She just loves to wear shoes and I love watching her adventures in them. 

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