Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mute Child

You can't wait to be in ballet someday! I think you'll have to wait another year though and you might be devastated. 
By now(20 months) all my other kids were talking up a storm and you are content to say just a few words and sign everything else.  I'm pretty in tune with what you want and you're really great at gesturing what you want, but you won't say much you little trouble-maker!  The only things you actually say are...
1. Dada
2. Mama
3. Owie
4. Vivi
5. Heh-rie(Henry)
6. Miao(cat noise)
7. No(but only sometimes.  She usually shakes her head for no and nods for yes)
8. B-B(for baby)
And that's pretty much it.  Clementine would say Bea all day long, but you won't even attempt it!  You're picking up a ton of signs so I guess that's great so you don't get frustrated, but we would like you to start speaking soon! 

You take after your sister, Bea and are also kind of a baby killer, Vivi.  I take you to the gym every morning and while your siblings take tennis and mommy exercises, you hang out with all the babies and you are so mean to them!  I even caught you slapping our friends' baby in the face while no one was looking, over and over while his poor little head was in your lap.  You pull hair and push the babies too.  Your sisters don't do it to you, so I'm not sure why you feel like that's appropriate.  I will attribute it to the fact that Bea had that same tendency and now she's super nurturing, so it means you're just ultra interested in babies but don't know what to do with them.  The nature in you is just coming out very intensely. 

Other than that, you're very obedient and you smile and laugh all the time.  You're really fun to be around and you have a shy personality sometimes that's really endearing.  You love everyone in our family and even when you haven't seen someone in 5 minutes you're excited to see them and give them hugs and kisses.  Henry loves you the most and he tries to hug you, but you mostly just pull his hair...but you always say sorry(sign) and give him a real hug later. 

I just gave you your first hair cut but I don't want to cut off the red.  It's turning blonde just like all the other girls and I'm sad to see the red go.  It's really streaky and thin right now and I feel like I want to give you that short A-line cut that Bea had for so many years, but I would have to shave off all your red and I just can't do it yet.  Maybe at the end of summer. 

You are still such a little baby to me and I love playing with you and snuggling with you and tickling you.  You are just such a fun little addition to our family.  We love you so much!

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